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Residential Services
For people with developmental disabilities, having a home is an important step in building self-esteem as independent adults. Genesee ARC provides residential service options to meet a variety of needs. Residential services include Supervised Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs), Supportive IRAs, Family Care Homes, Respite and At-Home Residential Habilitation for adults and children.

Supervised IRA - The individuals in this certified living environment receive 24- hour supervision (or less if needed) by staff specially trained to encourage the highest level of independence and decision making and training in the areas of daily living skills, socialization, and recreation. This setting is more structured and is designed to accommodate the individual’s unique residential needs.

Supportive IRA - The individuals in this program receive assistance in their certified apartment setting, depending on their needs. Residential staff provide training in independent living skills and help link residents to community related services and activities.

Family Care Program - Our family care program is a residential option for individuals with developmental disabilities that provide a loving, nurturing “family” environment with less structure than a traditional residential setting.
OPWDD certified family care providers support the individual’s growth and development by offering understanding guidance and supervision. They assist with budgeting, goals, medical appointments and provide 24 hour care.

Respite Services - Respite care is a short-term, temporary care that helps family take a break from the daily routine of care giving duties. Genesee ARC provides respite services to individuals with developmental disabilities and currently has two locations in a certified home to offer for as little as one day or for a few weeks. Reservations are encouraged; however, emergency accommodations are available. For more information call our Residential Services at (585) 344-1678.

At Home Residential Habilitation - Residential Habilitation is a home-based professional service that assists individuals in improving the skills necessary to live in the community while living at home.
Qualified Staff work one on one helping individuals learn socialization, recreation, daily living, and mobility training skills. Services may range from 1 hour per week to 24 hours per week.

Want to know more?
The first step in accessing Genesee ARC programs and services is contacting our Intake & Referral office and speaking with our Assessment Specialist. Professional staff will meet with you to describe and explain various programs, services and eligibility. Genesee ARC presently serves more than 370 people with disabilities, of all ages, and their families.
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